Sisters blow drying their hair
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Sisters blow drying, vomit, and itchy cats

I don’t seem to have anything to write about lately. Which is annoying, since I genuinely want to. I guess my last few weeks have been pretty boring. And the next few don’t seem that much better since I spend all my free-time indoors drawing. Yeah, Drawing. The upside is that I love doing it. The downside is that it results in slowly cutting off all the social groups I have relied on for constant activity.  The upside is my kids. They love to hang out and snuggle. The downside is how they keep getting sick all the time. The last two weeks they’ve alternated between strep and some weird stomach virus. One that had Audrey throwing up last sunday all night. The upside was that she slept with me in bed for the first time in years. The downside is that it took amazing amounts of vomit for that to happen.

In other news, my oldest cat, Sixer, has a thyroid condition. He’s already suffered from a skin condition that made him so itchy he would scratch open sores all over his body. The most terrifying was when it spread to his buttonhole. He had licked away the hair all around that so it looked like one of the typewriter bugs from David Cronenberg’s Nakes Lunch. Now, with the thyroid issue, he will be taking a total of 3 pills a day- every day- for the rest of his life. Ugh.

All of this is really boring. And not worth writing about. But that’s all I got people.