Brian and myself, working our magic in his daughters bedroom while she's away at college.
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Still podcasting, still unemployed, and making friends with all the seniors in my building.

I’m still podcasting. We were able to get a semi-famous independent author to let us read his stuff. So that was kind of weird. It took a few takes, and hours of editing to get through it- see if you can find out why:

You can read all about him on our site This thing is getting more expensive than I wanted. It turns out a lot of people will listen to it on, but soundcloud will only let you have 3 hours of “sounds” before it prevents you from uploading anymore. Now I’m paying $15 a month. Ugh.

I’m still unemployed, but that’s not surprising since I’m not really looking. I have a lot of work to do on the resume and portfolio before I feel confident. My free ride with sympathetic friends buying me lunches and taking me out for beers is over. So that’s probably the worst part of this experience. And now I’ve hit the part of unemployment that I hate. The part where you sit in the house all day trying to stay busy because it’s too cold outside to do anything. I know there’s coffee shops, but I like to think I’m better than that.

The upside is that I’m getting to know all the seniors that live in my building. One day I was gathered in the hall after taking out my recycling with a group of them. We all were trying to decipher who is “Mr. Heavy-foot” on the 3rd floor. I was convinced they live above me. But, through the powers of collective deduction we learned that it’s an overweight couple who live a unit over from me. Meaning that this whole complex is just one, giant drum. Now that I know everyone is so aware of each other’s noises I walk around my place like a kitten.