Recent (Birthday) Texts

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Recent Texts
Text Messages and conversations I think need to be publicly known

An audio message from a friend:


A text conversation from another:

A photo I received through text messaging from a friend on my birthday

A photo I received through text messaging from a friend on my birthday

Him:  You’re my favorite 47 year old!

Me: I can not understand that photo

Before we address your last statement…

It’s s line up of fat men.. OK, funny. Then, they’re all wearing Strong men outfits? Either way it’s unflattering, ergo funny.

They’re all old and making some grand gesture. Not seemingly at anything in particular. Maybe just presenting themselves?

Him: Pat you’re analyzing it at face value. You need to look “under the costumes” to understand the real meaning.

Me: But there’s the midget. Traditionally funny in its own right.

Him: Open your third eye dude!

Me: So they’re presenting the midget? And why is the midget looking in his pants like a surprised grandma on Christmas…. OK. I’ll take another look…

I’m not seeing it. I’m calling my shaman friend. He keeps saying I haven’t hit a good point in my life where I need iowaska.. This might be it…

Is it because they’re all presenting their gunts? It’s the midget (insert name), he’s adding a narrative that is more than a photo of fat performers that I just can’t seem to get my head around.

Him: Iowaska!! I was just listening to Duncan trussel and he was talking about it

Pat I will explain it to you

Me: OK

Him: These men are Gucci underwear models who have been put under a curse by a jealous sorcerer.

The men don’t know this, part of their curse is their inability to see what others see

Me: Totally laughing

Him: This explains their unbridled hubris

Me: Ooooooh

So, maybe the warlock was especially angry at one man for stealing his girl away, so he made him fat AND a midget. But made sure he was still aware of the change in his height, though not his fat

So that’s why he’s looking down his pants to his decreased phallus

Him: That’s probably true

I am glad you’re increasing in wisdom as you increase in age Pat

Recent Texts

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Recent Texts
Text Messages and conversations I think need to be publicly known

Me: so I made a friend!

Her: oh nice! friends are nice, especially close ones!

Me: haha. you just blew my mind

Her: How so?

Me: “friends are nice”.

When I stop to think about it. It makes sense.

So it takes me a few moments to wrap my head around that but then you slap me with the finish “Especially close ones”. And I’m all like, “Wait. A close friend? Ho-lee-shit.”

Then suddenly I realize that out of a fabric of connected consciousness, we are all just pointed representations of that web that has taken the form we currently know as ‘meat bodies’. And how, though we’re just physical representations of a larger expression of God, we still have a perceived identity, that tries to rebuild the river of consciousness that we originally came from… by making friends


I’m just sitting here sweating.

Her:  wow. now i must be tired..

Me: I’m blogging it

Margo’s Friend

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Kids / Life-Poem
Margo and her friend playing while Audrey is at Swim practice

When it was warmer, Margo made me leave the middle school where Audrey had her swim practice to lay in the grass. I didn’t want to. Being old I just wanted to stand around and not get stuff all over my sweater, but she forced me. She’d lay her head on my chest and ask me all kinds of questions or pick shapes out of the clouds. When it got colder we stayed in, sprawled out on the floors of the hallway. Pulling our feet in when other parents or kids walked by. I liked that too. It seemed like the kind of surly, juvenile thing people did in “Breakfast Club”. We’d talk about how annoying Justin Bieber is, and the one girl in her school who’s always getting angry. I had a hard time giving that up when she saw a little boy from her school.

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